Hello and Welcome to my website hosted and created by myself!

My first name is Fallon, and my last name is Kelly. My friends call me Fallon. I am extremely happy for the potential opportunity to meet with you, and my goal is to provide you with the perfect combination of intelligence, beauty, discretion, and pleasurable companionship during our time together. I am educated, intelligent, well spoken, safety and health conscious, and work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and an attractive appearance.

My eyes are blue and my naturally wavy/curly hair is currently shoulder length brunette. I do keep my toes and fingers manicured. Those who know me say that I am easygoing, comfortable and relaxing to spend time with, very sensual (Scorpio), with the manners of a sweet southern belle. I do not smoke cigarettes, have no tattoes, and only my ears are double pierced.

In person, once we meet I am truly warm, affectionate, caring, sweet natured, open minded, and patient. Because many have taken advantage of my kindness and easy going nature, I will not engage in provocative and/or excessive communications before our meeting. If you desire to sext with me, you can do so HERE If you want to know even more about me before you commit to a meeting, please see my Video page.

If you are the gift giving kind, you enjoy my blog and wish to support my endeavors; here is the link to my Amazon wish list: Fallon Kelly Wish List

Companion Available to Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, & Mississippi
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