If we have never met before please fill out my secured Reservations Form
I offer this form as a convenience because it allows me to receive all the info I need to plan our meeting in one communication. The use of this form is preferred but not required.  If we have met before, just email me directly.

I will make every effort to make our meeting happen, but I do reserve the right to refuse to meet with anyone whom I don’t feel comfortable with.

**If you have contacted me and not heard back from me within 24 hours, it could be that my email is being tagged as spam and blocked by your email provider. Please white list me in your email and then contact me again.**

Because many have taken advantage of my kindness and easy going nature, I will not engage in provocative and/or excessive communications before our meeting. If you desire to sext with me, you can do so HERE

Cancellations are a very serious matter as this is my business and I take it just as seriously as any other business owner does.  I do understand that sometimes situations cannot be avoided and if you absolutely must cancel; please notify me as soon as possible.

Because I am very low volume, cancellations are pretty much devastating to me. If you find yourself in a position that you absolutely must cancel, a cancellation fee and/or a gift from my Amazon wish list will be requested. If you fail to respect me enough to make good on this cancellation policy, I will not reschedule with you.

Companion Available to Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, & Mississippi
See my “Traveling” page for details. +